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to coordinate

...the cervical cancer prevention efforts of the NGO community in Haiti

to support

...the Haitian medical & community leaders in their efforts to develop a national cervical cancer prevention program.

to advocate for the development of

  • coordinated cervical cancer prevention services in Haiti
  • a community education / awareness campaign about HPV and cervical disease
  • a health care provider education program 
    • training materials
    • training 
  • standards of care for health care providers that provide cervical cancer prevention services
  • an increased role for nurses and public health workers in cervical cancer prevention
  • an HPV immunization program in Haiti
  • services for women who already have advanced cervical cancer
  • the global prioritization of funding for cervical cancer prevention  


Reducing maternal mortality has been one of the UN Millennium goals for many years.

The mortality from cervical cancer, which is preventable, now exceeds maternal mortality in many low resource countries.  

This message needs to be echoed on the global health stage & preventing cervical cancer needs to become a worldwide health priority.

The NGO community has the potential to be a great resource in Haiti and it needs to unite and focus on supporting the Haitian Ministry of Health (MSPP), the Haitian Ob Gyn Society (SHOG), the Haiti arm of JHPIEGO and the Groupe de Support Controle le Cancer.