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About HsCC


HsCC Consortium

HsCC is a consortium of partners who are committed to working together and supporting Haitian medical leaders in their efforts to create a national cervical cancer prevention program.


Our history

  • Oct 2015 1st meeting in Durham, NC
  • Nov 2015 incorporated in NC
  • Oct 2016 1st meetings in Haiti with Haitian partners
  • Apr 2017 1st annual conference in PaP with Haitian partners
  • Jun 2018 2nd annual conference in PaP with Haitian partners


Our mission

The mission of HsCC is to reduce the burden of cervical cancer in Haiti by providing access to preventative services  through coordinated partnerships.

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Haiti sans Cervical Cancer


  1. The 1st pdf below is a form that will introduce the HsCC consortium to your program.  Please send this information to HaitisansCervicalCancer@gmail.com
  2. The 2nd pdf below includes information about how to order HPV test kits from one of the HsCC labs.